Bath and trim for dogs in Tarzana

Pet owners,
frequently asked me  How my doodle, Hair cuts are done.

Nail clippings are done first. Next step is to make sure that ear plugs are placed in properly. Pets are then off being placed in the tub for a pre wash , I then place a small amount shampoo of choice. Once shampoo is Thoroughly washed off . I ladder pet in  a  finish coat  moisturizer . I let  soak in about 2 minutes are so . As I allow the moisturizer to sit.
I gently do a rub down …

Once pets are rinsed, we Towel dry we also provide k9 Manual blow dryer …
A detangler spray is misted over the pets .
while drying , Is in process to
Loosen up tangles it makes it easier and comfortable for not only the groomer but also for the pet preparing the fur to be more cooperative .finalizing the haircut.
I prefer to leave half inch of fur on whole body.
Keeping fur easier to  blend the  face an body with a crowned, forehead when grooming face I used Shear cutters it’s helps me easily  Glide keep my performance at Tip Top

I hope this information was self-explanatory I am fully grateful and appreciative to the pet owners and of course our  pets. Surrounding Tarzana, Encino area.

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