Dog grooming in Tarzana,CA

We’ve  groomed multiple dogs in our Tarzana  location.
I would like introduce you,
Bear, he’s a mix breed between Shih Tzu an poodle…
we nickname him shipoo!!!
Shipoo body structure , fully like a Shihtzo . shipoo fur curls  up  just like a poodle.
The high maidens that Bear  needs to keep his groom to its potential.
Bear. Working parents  just don’t find the time in the week to take bear to the grooming salon.
So his fur attends to get matted behind his ears , face…….. To make it less painful more convenient comfortable.
We used moisturizer conditioner to open up tangles with a matting tools an brush !
Bear is has always been a good behaving dog .
while being groomed . He enjoys  being pampered and treated .
Bear usually received are Full Service package .
Bear became our new customer with our flyer service . We try to stay in local cities where we are more able to service better .
Clean Cut Grooming is offering %20 discount for new customers appointment only!!
We have much more packages please call us for more details.

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