grooming makes your pet beauty

is a pure breed register Pitbull.
who like most dogs love attention, also he has a fear of being left alone.
He’s not too fondant of cages they may seem to small for him.
because he’s such a big dog.
We’ve seen Ace grow up.
We’ve service him since he was pup.
Around two years ago he’s been groomed with us. As far as I remember it was just a little puppy. Now he’s all grown up and unrecognizable.
With his size we call him our little monster !
Now that he’s all grown up he makes a perfect candidate
For our mobile grooming van.
he’s able jump up he feels more relaxed it’s more spacious and convenience for him and his parent.
We have full size stainless steel bath tub , table in our grooming van.
Ace is comfortable because of the space it offers especially for this Wiggly guy.
We were just told that Ace
Next grooming session we’ll be at our store location. We are super excited we love to see returns not only that to see them grow up, We can’t wait.

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