How to treat and prevent your pets from ear infections

We like to educate pet owners,
On how to prevent their pets from an ear infection.
in this particular article.
It is very important to keep your dogs and cats ear clean at all times.
You can purchase  alcohol free ear cleaner, from local vet,
pet shop’s are even online…
Start the cleaning process with holding your pet in a comfortable ,position .  Apply  ear cleaning product to a cotton ball,
start  wiping the ear from the middle toward into the inner ear.
Than use a Qtip to wipe off the discharge or dirt from any side and corner .
You can either use a cotton ball or a Q-tip whichever you feel comfortable with You can use a to wipe out the excess dirt!
If you’re Pet becomes difficult at any time or maybe your pet isn’t comfortable to make it easier on both sides also it’s rewarding. It helps your pet understand  that he or she  is getting rewarded for good behavior …
Allowing your pet to feel comfortable will claim his or her  certain body parts that are  uncomfortable.
Have some treats in your hand and give your pet some rewards after each step.
In Clean Cut Grooming mobile station or store location we have verity of cleaning product to suits are service from organic products to just regular over the counter products.

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