Mobile pooch grooming in Reseda

Meet Aki and his family and a five and six years old school kids.
Apparently it seems to be an issue to take your dog to a grooming during the week!
We solve that issue with our convenient mobile grooming service.
Just give us your address and we will work out on the detail about grooming and hair cut.
Today we visit Aki in Reseda area, his mom send us a request via a text message and we booked her in for the first available spot.
Our mobile grooming arrived on time and prompt, we took Aki the chow chow to our van and we start with trim down and then a deep cleaning wash and fluff up.
In less then two hours miracle happened, Aki was all clean and ready for the hot summer.
Now he can enter to the house and stay inside for a few days.
Clean cut grooming offer flat rate mobile grooming with no additional cost for local dogs and dog owners.

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