Puppy grooming at Tarzana grooming facility

We’re so proud of this little hair ball, Fuzzy.
Fuzzy is 5 pounds mini Schenalze his parents bought him from overseas, he just got groomed at our dog grooming facility in Tarzana.
He had all his vaccine so we welcome him to our dog grooming store. He can set by other dogs without any issues.

Fuzzy had very sharpe and short nails that we couldn’t clipped we just grind them down so he doesn’t scratch other people and furniture.
Since Fuzzy is a puppy he doesn’t know commands such as set stay jump etc we tried to teach him basic and obedience training so he cat get use to grooming environments easier.
After hypoallergenic bath and 15 minutes brushed out he was squeaky clean and he laid down to get his belly rub.

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