Would like to introduce you to our loyalty Pet Program

Would like to introduce you to our loyalty Pet Program.
Kimberly is one of the many larger breed dogs  who repeatedly return. Kimberly has had the honor to try out our mobile grooming and also our store in Tarzana location.
In Kimberly’s photo she seems to be very calm & Collective which wasn’t always the case.
it took multiple tries before she has open up felt comfortable .
now grooming Kimberly is easy breezy …
This wasn’t always the case ,
with all dogs we’ve encountered all such a behaviors charistics.
Aggression,whining,Anxiety, separation, urinating much , much more….
We’ve had pets come straight from shelters.
even from abusive homes. Clean-Cut Groomers are not only just groomers !!
Also pet owners,  they have also experienced and can relate.
so we have come up with all sorts of solutions..
To suit multiple pet Behavior encounters .
We take our time in gaining not only the pets but the owners Trust confidence to ensure the best care stress free relationship .

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